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Working with Versions

In Builder Theme Studio, you're able to make endless versions of your theme pages and elements to optimize and grow your business. Creating multiple versions allows you to test different experiences, target different versions to various audiences, revert back to previous iterations, and more.

There are two main ways to manage versions with Builder: the Versions tab in the visual editor or directly from the Studio tab.

Versions tab

The versions tab allows you to:

(1) view all your versions with related details and previews

(2) link to history for current version

(3) jump to different version

(4) create new versions

To create a new version, click on the Versions tab, select. +New Version, title the version, and start building!

Studio tab

You can also navigate to your versions directly from the Studio tab. Click on a page type, and you'll have the option to select View All taking you to your content list of entries.

There are many options on how to leverage your versions. Take the product page in the image above, you can create different variations of the page and target specific audiences in order to glean insights. 

πŸ‘‰Find more information on how to manage your history here

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