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Everlane goes to market 4X faster with Builder

A pioneer of brand-first e-commerce that obsesses over the shopper's experience chooses Builder.

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Launch new products to the site 4X faster with Builder


Publish over 100 variations of their homepage in a single month


Site update turnaround times are down 90% with Builder

Everlane increases agility & iterates faster with Builder's headless CMS.

Before there was a vast landscape of minimalist-meets-values e-commerce brands, there was Everlane.

Founded in 2011 with the intent to challenge a notoriously black-box retail industry, Everlane built a brand anchored in transparency. Customers are given more context than they ever knew existed - the cost-to-produce every item, supply chain details, factory locations, and the environmental impact of the materials.

As one of the pioneers of brand-first e-commerce, Everlane has set an incredibly high bar for the digital experience they provide. What they sell is only part of the picture; what matters more is how they engage customers through hyper-customized, rich, dynamic content on their website. For the Everlane team, this was no easy feat.

With Builder, Everlane publishes over 100 variations of its homepage a month. Site merchandisers are able to personalize the experience based on various contextual data points, including device, new vs. return visitors, previous shopping behavior, locale, and more without relying on developers.

“ Builder has been a game-changer. As a headless CMS, it empowers our non-technical teams to create rich, on-brand digital marketing and merchandising content that seamlessly integrates into our shopping experience. Even better, it allows us to launch site changes quickly and more efficiently, which directly impacts our bottom line. ”

Dave King, CTO at Everlane

When you’ve outgrown the homegrown

Prior to Builder, Everlane used a homegrown platform for everything from merchandising to content updates. As a result, the retailer faced the following challenges:

Marketing relied on developers for sites updates: Developers were required to make and push any changes, no matter how small.

No true personalization: Content couldn’t be meaningfully customized, which meant that each product had to stay within the same template and look the same way. This lack of customization limited the team in other ways, such as hindering their ability to run performant split tests and hyper-personalizing the shopping experience.

It was clear that something had to change. The only question was if these challenges could be solved internally, or if a solution exists on the market.

“With Builder, we’re able to see the same quality results that were only previously possible through reliance on our engineering team, who now have capacity to tackle higher-value projects.”

Dave King, CTO at Everlane

Everlane leverages Builder to merchandise sections across nearly every page of its site.

Site navigation and links are also managed in Builder with live, real-time previewing.

Build vs. Buy

James Rosen, CMS team lead and software architect at Everlane, took the million-dollar question head on: should he build or buy the CMS platform the team needs for their next chapter? He evaluated a wide range of options, from traditional headless content management solutions to digital experience platforms and everything in between. He was looking for a solution that was feature rich, simple to implement, and user-friendly for non-technical users. They found all of that and more with Builder, namely:

Autonomy for designers, marketers, and merchandisers to build and optimize experiences

The flexibility and tools required to create hyper-personalized experiences

Removed cross-team dependencies resulting in increases agility

“We’re launching 2-3 products a week, which means we need a CMS that can keep pace with this cadence while meeting the execution standards of our brand,” said Rosen. “Other retailers may tell their story exclusively through product merchandising, but Everlane’s site is all about marrying creative content and product in interesting ways.”

With Builder, Everlane enjoys the best of both worlds: the ability to test and deliver highly converting, hyper-personalized experiences without relying on developers to push changes out.

The Goldilocks journey, and finding Builder

With Builder, you can easily create fully bespoke shopping experiences, as well as impose a more strict design system. After the Everlane team experienced just how easy it was to update high-impact pages, such as the homepage, while maintaining brand guidelines with a few creative liberties, they knew they had found their solution. Everyone, from the developers to the site merchandisers to the product managers, felt empowered to gain autonomy over the website with Builder’s powerful drag and drop visual editor.

While Everlane follows a strict design system on key pages, like the homepage, they are constantly releasing new products and collections where they create more bespoke experiences in Builder. This lets them convey a unique story for each product release.


A content platform that can scale with the business

Flexibility to add and test new layouts and content types

The ability for non-technical people to update the site, easily

Removing the dependency on developers for content updates


Site merchandisers and designers are creating hyper-personalized experiences

Products are launched on the site 4x faster with Builder

Developers are no longer required for content updates

Engineers can focus on new features instead of workarounds for their less-than-optimal homegrown platform

Builder's headless CMS means engineering can add functionality quickly and easily

Builder's API-first CMS is built to scale with Everlane's business

32x faster site updates

Hyper-personalized experiences that aren't reliant on devs

"With our previous tool, content updates had to be made live. Now, we can pre-plan (them) in Builder, edit quickly, and schedule everything."

Rusteen Haghi, site content coordinator at Everlane

In the past, updating the website involved writing custom code, which followed standard review-release-ship cycles. Any change to the site, no matter how small, would trigger this process to restart. “For example, we’d launch a new color of jeans, which meant the engineers would have to start from scratch. This was a lot of work for relatively low-value changes, like changing images,” Rosen said. “With Builder, we are able to launch our new product(s) without added complexity or chaos.”

The increased agility was felt across the entire site. Their popular Denim guide took a third of the time to create on Builder with new styles implemented in a matter of minutes (compared to 4 hours of dev work). And, to the Everlane team, the value-add of Builder continues to expand.

“We saw the team trying all sorts of new things, things they’ve been dreaming up for awhile, because they could finally make it real without engineering!”

Everlane is a direct-to-consumer online apparel retailer, that emphasizes sourcing ethical materials. The brand stands for transparency, sharing the cost of materials and company mark up with consumers.

Did we mention this site was made with Builder?

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